Geometry and Quantum Theory

Graduate School and Colloquium

The academic program consists of a 3-day graduate school and a 2-day conference.


The final two days, 6 & 7 Jul, will be the GQT-colloquium which will have a program of nine research talks. These are to be attended by Ph.D. students, members of the GQT-staff and some outside speakers. While not all lectures will be on the themes studied during the school, we will aim to have those themes appearing prominently in most lectures. The exact program will be fixed soon.

Colloquium speakers include: Arend  Bayer, Tyrone Crisp, Rinat Kashaev, Arthemy Kiselev, Shahn Majid, Catherine Meusburger, Alice Rizzardo, Paolo Stellari, Thomas Wasserman.


Organizers: Raf Bocklandt, Gil Cavalcanti and Maarten Solleveld.

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