They call me the Breeze

LearnLytics - Improving the way you learn!


A learning analytics platform, to analyse progress and results in educational settings.

Educational institutions

Learning institutions have an increasing amount of digital data on the learning behavior of their students. This data is often not very accessible because it is scattered over multiple systems used by students and teachers. LearnLytics integrates with these systems and combines them in an accessible overview.

LearnLytics is easily integratable with a large number of eductation-tools.

Personal data of students and staff are safe.


Students get tested on multiple concepts within one course. With LearnLytics, teachers can watch for students who struggle with certain concepts or which concepts need special attention for the whole, or part of the class. Also, LearnLytics offers an easy solution to upload test results originating from different testing methods with minimal hassle.

Choose which kinds of analytics to apply and which kinds of visuals to display them.

Teachers are able to see which concepts need extra attention in their class.


Students get tested on their grasp of concepts in a lot of different ways. This makes it difficult to have an overview on which concepts are sufficiently clear and which concepts still need work. LearnLytics can give you advice on which subjects you still need to focus by analysing test results, reflection and studying behavior.

Sign in using the login credentials of your own institution, no new passwords needed!

Use just one system to track your progress.


At Breeze we develop software that is a Breeze to use. We strive to provide software that can provide a range of complex utilities while making it easy and unobtrusive for the user and maintaining a simple architecture.

Breeze is a software development team that's very diverse. Our expertise ranges from coding and maths to psychology, management and interdisciplinary sciences. The team consists of fitness-buffs, gamers, sailors, musicians and much more!

Also, peanut butter and rice crackers seem to be a thing.

Ben - Sysadmin

I'm Ben, 21, a third-year computer science student minoring in mathematics. I'm most interested in the theoretical side of computer science, and am planning on studying software engineering in Delft for my master's degree. I enjoy working on the algorithms and doing other behind-the-scenes work of software projects. I like spending my spare time playing Ultimate or making music on drums or bass guitar.

Bram - Vice CEO

My name is Bram, 26 years old and I'm a third-year student Liberal Arts & Sciences. Within this interdisciplinary program, I mainly focus on computer science and Artificial Intelligence. In this project I am interested to see what kinds of data-analytics will be helpful to students and if different fields of study require different methods of analysis. In my spare time, if I ever have any, I like rock climbing, reading and playing the bass.

Cas - Vice CTO

Hello there! My name is Casper (22), but most people just call me Cas. I'm a fourth year Information Science student at Utrecht University. Aside from my interests in both usability and project management, I am also very interested in programming and technology. When I am not studying, you can often find me at the local weightlifting gym, AEGEE-Utrecht or playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Gerco - Chairman

I'm Gerco van Ginkel, a third year computer science student. With only 20 years of life experience I'm one of the younger contributors to the team. During holidays I have the great habit to go canyoning in wild natural environments. I love the euphoria after some hours of dedicated coding, which often results in great software coming to life. In this project I hope to focus on the architecture of the software being developed.

Laura - Vice Chairman

I am Laura, 22 years old and I started my bachelor's in computer science two years ago, after finishing my bachelor's in Psychology. I love playing tennis, swimming and going to parties, I'm with several committees with study associations Sticky, Histos and tennis club TC de Uithof. Also, I work at TivoliVredenburg as a bartender. In this project, I hope to contribute to both social and technical aspects.

Minh-An - Lead Dev

Salutations. I'm Minh-An, 21, an enthusiastic third-year CS student, near graduation. I'm interested in data analysis and visualisation. Next year, I'll be studying AI at the universities in Amsterdam. The design and presentation are examples of my focus, more specifically, visualizing graphs. Playing piano and badminton, and looking at a playing movie theater screen, are some of my hobbies.

Olivier - CEO

My name is Olivier and I'm in my third year of Computer and Information science at the UU. In my spare time I like to go to the gym and play bass guitar. After my bachelor's I want to study Artificial Intelligence at the UU. In this project I hope to learn more about machine learning and data analysis and I want to apply both my social and technical skills to make a nice product out of this project.

Paul - Security

Hello, my name is Paul van Grol. I'm twenty years old and a third year student, studying both mathematics and computer science. I like to swim, read or play games. During the project, I hope to focus on the security aspects, which I find an interesting subject because it combines both mathematics and computer science. I'm confident that this project will be a great learning experience.

Sven - CTO

Hey, my name is Sven Luehof. I am 20 years old and currently in my third year of my bachelor's degree of computer science. After my bachelor's, I am planning to follow the Artificial Intelligence master at the UU. My hobbies are music, gaming, fitness and partying. I am mainly interested in programming; I love developing awesome backend systems. I'm also interested in integration of the Scrum process in the team.


Blog 18

The final weeks are almost over. This week was a week of finals, and a week of deadlines. Deadline of the final trailer. Deadline of the final report. Deadline of the final website. Next week will also be a week of finals and deadlines. Deadline of the final product. Giving the final presentation. And after that? Well, for most of us, this is where it ends. But for some of the team, this project was just the start. They will continue developing LearnLytics!

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Blog 17

Blog 17 image

We started this week with a great activity, a teambuilding. At 5 o clock we left our room in the beautifull bbg building and went to Smakers to eat a tasty burger.

After that we threw some bowling balls at Bison Bowling. The first throw of Bram was a strike and we were all imediately impressed. But after a while Minh - An showed his skills and won the game with the fantastic score of 148.

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The pillars of creation

To create the software behind LearnLytics, we will focus on four main subjects.


Because teaching and learning change, LearnLytics needs to be future-proof. That's why we will be focused on creating a system in which integrating new methods of teaching, learning and examination will be a matter of hours instead of weeks. Also we will develop the neccesary documentation and developer-previews to act as a guide for working with our API and integrating new methods into LearnLytics.


We will be developing LearnLytics with the thought in mind that your data should be your own. That's why LearnLytics will work with multiple Learning Record Stores. This way, your own information will be stored in your own LRS and information belonging to your learning institution will be stored on a seperate LRS. When you are no longer enrolled, we can simply throw away your personal LRS and the relevant information (such as course averages) will remain accesible by the learning institution Also, a comprehensive permission-system will be in place to make sure that only authorised users can access only the relevant data.


Not everyting in LearnLytics is a matter of code and mathmetics. To make our system ultimately useful for users it will offer a range of different visualisations to make sense of our analyses of your learning data. These visualisations will be available for users on their personal dashboards with additional visualisations available for teachers to view progress and concept knowledge of partial or entire groups.

Data analysis

For users, just looking at raw data isn't very useful. That's why we will also focus on relevant analyses of this data. We understand that not every analysis is equally relevant for every course, so we will be outfitting LearnLytics with a variety of analyses to choose from. Also we will be offering a way to add new analyses with relative ease.