Ice and Climate: Regional modelling



Regional Climate Model

In the 1990s the KNMI developed in cooperation with the Danish Meteorological Institute the research model RACMO based on the High Resolution Limited Area Model (HIRLAM) numerical weather prediction model. In 1993 UU/IMAU started to modify the model such that it better represented the extreme conditions over glacier surfaces. At present RACMO version 2.3 is operational.

Firn Densification Model

Firn processes such as melt percolation and refreezing play an important role in the reaction of the surface mass balance of ice bodies to climate change. The steady and transient states of the firn layer provide important information on these firn processes, firn air content, and surface elevation changes, and can be combined in time-dependent firn densification models. These models calculate temporal changes in firn depth and density, and surface height changes, by forcing them with time series of surface temperature, snowfall, sublimation and melt. The IMAU firn densification model calculates steady-state as well as time-dependent firn density profiles.