Dennis Dieks

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Full name: Prof Dr D.G.B.J. Dieks

Dennis Dieks studied theoretical physics in Amsterdam, after which he turned to the foundations and philosophy of physics. He wrote his dissertation, Studies in the Foundations of Physics, at Utrecht University (1981). Since 1993 he is Professor of the Foundations and Philosophy of the Natural Sciences at Utrecht University.

Phone number at home: +31(0)35-6218133.
Phone number at Utrecht office: +31(0)30-2531895 or +31(0)30-2538040 (secretary).

Suggested readings for Geneva Summer School in Philosophy of Physics (GSSPP08)

Main publications

  1. Dissertation: Studies in the foundations of physics - a discussion of some relations between physics, the foundations of physics and the philosophy of science. Utrecht, 1981
  2. On the empirical content of determinism, Philosophy of Science 47 (1980) 12
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