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Welcome to Emotify!

'Emotify' is a game on emotions that are elicited by music. By participating, you provide valuable data for research on musical emotion, conducted by Utrecht University as part of COMMIT project. All your data will be used privately for statistical purposes only.

Listen to 1 minute of music, and tell us how it makes you feel by selecting no more than three emotions from a list of nine. The terms used to describe these emotions are explained on the Help page.

Please listen to at least 10 songs. After 10 songs you will get feedback on your answers - what kind of emotional content you liked or disliked. You can also see other people's answers on the right side. You can continue for as long as you wish. If you dislike a song or don't have any particular feeling about it, just skip it.

Thank you for participation and enjoy the music!

Privacy Policy

This policy explains how we collect and make use of personal information.

What information do we collect?

We collect information from you when you first log into the game. The private data that is saved in our database and includes your age, gender, first language, musical preferences and other information that you agree to provide and that is public on your Facebook profile.

What do we use your information for?

Your information will be used privately for statistical and research purposes. It won't be sold or disclosed to third parties.

Emotify is a game with the purpose of collecting data on musical emotions. The information you provide will be used in research by the Department of Information and Computing Sciences of Utrecht University.

You can listen to music in four genres: classical, rock, electronic and pop music. Random songs will be picked for you to listen to. If you dislike the music, just skip it and listen to the next song. After you have listened to it for 1 minute, you will be able to submit an answer. How does the music makes you feel? To describe your feeling, please select one, two or three emotions from the list (for help with terminology see table below). You can also explain your choice, but this is not required. If you choose to provide an explanation, please describe what characteristic of the music was responsible for eliciting the emotion(s) that you felt. For example, fast tempo, samba rhythm or the timbre of the vocalist's voice.

After having listened to 1 minute of music, you will be able to access the whole piece through the playlist in the right pane. You can also see which emotions other people selected for this piece.

After 10 songs you will be asked to fill in a feedback questionnaire. If possible, please listen to at least 10 songs.

You can interrupt the quiz at any time and return to it later. Also, you do not have to stop after 10 songs. Your continuing participation is much appreciated.

Terms used in the game

Emotion Description
Amazement Feeling of wonder and happiness
Solemnity Feeling of transcendence, inspiration. Thrills.
Tenderness Sensuality, affect, feeling of love
Nostalgia Dreamy, melancholic, sentimental feelings
Calmness Relaxation, serenity, meditativeness
Power Feeling strong, heroic, triumphant, energetic
Joyful activation Feels like dancing, bouncy feeling, animated, amused
Tension Nervous, impatient, irritated
Sadness Depressed, sorrowful