Teacher of the Year award

The Teacher of the Year award is handed each year to the best teachers in three different categories; 1st year courses, 2nd/3rd year courses and master courses. The top three in each category is determined by means of an election among students. As of 2017 there is furthermore a category for teaching assistants, The winners will be announced and awarded on the Physics Department Day. 2018's winners can be found below.

Winners 2018

Teaching Assistants

  • Lars de Ruiter
    1st place: Lars de Ruiter
  • René van Westen
    2nd place: René van Westen
  • Kilian Mayer
    2nd place: Jurriaan Wouters

First-year Bachelor courses

  • Stefan Vandoren
    First Prize: Stefan Vandoren
  • Peter van Capel
    Second Prize: Peter van Capel
  • Huib de Swart
    Third Prize: Huib de Swart

Second/Third-year Bachelor courses

  • Panos Christakoglou
    First Prize: Panos Christakoglou
  • Lars Fritz
    Second Prize: Lars Fritz
  • René van Roij
    Third Prize: René van Roij

Master courses

  • René van Roij
    First Prize: René van Roij
  • Lars Fritz
    Second Prize: Lars Fritz
  • Peter van der Straten
    Third Prize: Peter van der Straten