Welcome to the website of the Karthaus summerschool, edition 2019, and the 19th edition since the first course in Grindelwald of 1995. This year's course took place from 10 to 20 September 2019, in the beautiful South Tirolean village of Karthaus.

The 10 lecturers gave daily lectures to the 33 participants, mainly PhD candidates, on a wide range of glaciology topics. The topics ranged from numerical modelling of glaciers and ice sheets to ice cores, and from the Alpine glaciers to the Antartic ice sheet, and even Mars. Atmosphere - ice interactions, ocean - ice interactions, ice - solid earth interations, geomorphology, remote sensing ... all the courses had one thing in common: ice!

You can find the full program here .

For any questions about this year's course, feel free to contact the convener: Hans Oerlemans



This year we had 10 lecturers, their names, affiliations and lecture topic(s) are listed below.

Olaf Eisen

Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven/ University of Bremen

  • Geophysical and remote-sensing methods in glaciology
  • Ian Hewitt

    University of Oxford

  • Continuum mechanics
  • Glacier hydrology and sliding
  • Basal processes and geomorphology
  • Nanna Karlsson

    GEUS, Copenhagen

  • Rheology of ice
  • Thermodynamics of ice
  • Glaciers on Mars
  • The use of radar data in glaciology
  • Hans Oerlemans

    IMAU, Utrecht University

  • Analytical models of ice sheets
  • The response of glaciers to climate change
  • Minimal glacier models
  • Frank Pattyn

    Université libre de Bruxelles

  • Numerical modelling of ice sheets and ice shelves
  • Carleen Reijmer

    IMAU, Utrecht University

  • Climates of ice sheets and glaciers
  • Glacier surface and near-surface processes
  • Giorgio Spada

    Università degli studi di Urbino

  • Introduction to geodynamics
  • Geodynamics, glacial isostasy and sea level
  • Arjen Stroeven

    Stockholm University

  • Introduction to glacial geomorphology
  • Geomorphology and mapping of paleo-ice sheets
  • Anders Svensson

    Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen

  • Ice cores
  • Ricarda Winkelmann

    University of Potsdam / Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

  • Ice sheet - ocean interactions
  • Next


    All 33 participants and their affiliations are listed below.

    Jennifer Arthur

    Durham University
    United Kingdom

    Kim Byeong-Hoon

    Seoul National Univ.

    Ilaria Crotti

    Univ. Ca Foscari Venezia

    Anna Derkacheva

    Univ. of Grenoble

    Helen Dulfer

    Charles University
    Czech Republic

    Shivani Ehrenfeucht

    Univ. of California

    Nelly Elagina

    Inst. of Geography, RAS

    Mohammadreza Ershadi

    Univ. of Tübingen

    Dominik Fahrner

    Univ. of Liverpool
    United Kingdom

    Thomas Frank

    Stockholm University

    Kevin Hank

    Memorial University

    Samuel Helsen

    KU Leuven

    Josephine Hornsey

    Univ. of Sheffield
    United Kingdom

    Josef Lier

    Univ. of Heidelberg

    Philipp Malz

    Univ. Erlanger-Nürnberg

    Marcelo Marambio

    Univ. de la Serena

    Seth Olinger

    Harvard University

    Inès Otasaka

    Univ. of Leeds
    United Kingdom

    Chiara Paleari

    Lund University

    Enrico Pochini

    Univ. of Trieste

    Bradley Reed

    Bangor University
    United Kingdom

    Brianna Rick

    Colorado State University

    Matěj Roman

    Masaryk University
    Czech Republic

    Ramona Schneider

    Stockholm University

    Katarzyna Sejan

    IMAU, Utrecht University

    Heather Selley

    Univ. of Leeds
    United Kingdom

    Giulia Sinni

    Univ. of Copenhagen

    Maurice van Tiggelen

    IMAU, Utrecht University

    Khatarina Wetterauer

    GFZ Potsdam

    Shan Xu


    Astrid Zimmermann

    Univ. Grenoble Alpes

    Lars Zipf

    Univ. libre de Bruxelles

    Alexandra Zuhr



    On Tuesday 17 September, we had a well deserved break from the theory and computer exercices, and took the bus to the small village of Kurzras. This town is located at then end of the Schnalstal valley (aka Val Cenales), and is mostly known for its Alpine ski facilities. We took the cable car from there to the Grawand (3251 m), and hiked down on what is left of the Hochjochferner glacier. The adjacent blue ski slope was open, unfortunately none of us thought of bringing their skis.

    After a lot of sliding and close inspections of the ice, we stopped to have lunch at the Schöne Aussicht restaurant. In fact we were a bit ahead of schedule, so we had plenty of time to take the bonus trail from there all the way up the Im Hinteren Eis (3269 m). We followed Olaf's lead for some meters, but then everyone continued on a more human pace. It is only when we reached the top that we could admire the fabulous view over the Hintereisferner glacier. Some of us were even brave enough to step over the Italian/Austrian border (fortunately there was no bordel control).

    After lunch most of us hiked back down to Kurzras, but a small group of curious glaciologists thought it would be nice to experiment with turbulent air mixing in what turned out to be the highest outdoor sauna in Europe (Lars Z. et al, 2019) ! Special thanks to the crew of the Schöne Aussicht for opening the sauna for us. Between two sauna rounds we realised there was a webcam filming us (outside, of course). The best part is that the feed from this webcam can be found on the website of the restaurant. Feel free to have a look to prepare the next excursion of 2020.

    A beautiful trail brough us back to Kurzras, where we took the bus to Karthaus. To our great surprise we found Ian halfway between Kurzras and Karthaus. He probably needed a bit more training for his next marathon. Once in Karthaus we found our fellow glaciologists in the sauna of the Zur Goldenen Rose hotel. It was a great day, but we have to be fit for tommorrow : first lectures on ice cores!

    This short Go-Pro video gives a nice impression of the view at Im Hinteren Eis (3269 m). You can see both the Hochjochferner and Hintereisferner glaciers.



    The pictures of the 2019 Karthaus summer school have been ulploaded on this Flickr repository.