Ice and Climate: Polar in-situ observations

Polar in-situ observations on glaciers, ice caps and ice sheets

The relation between meteorological quantities and the energy and mass balance of a glacier surface is a critical element in modelling the reaction of a glacier to climate change. To get a better hold on the processes that determine this interaction, the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research, Utrecht University (UU/IMAU), has deployed several automatic weather stations (AWS) on glaciers, ice caps and ice sheets, since 1994. These AWS are deployed on different glaciers around the world, in different climate regimes. The stations are designed to work for long periods without being serviced and offer the opportunity to measure meteorological variables in remote areas and in harsh weather conditions.


We are very grateful to all people and institutes who help and helped maintaining our weather stations all over the world. Without their help, financial or practical, the AWS would not have worked as well as they have. Financial support was provided in several different projects and by several different organizations.


Most recent data listed on this site are freely available upon request. Some of it is also available from our website (link), the Zenodo repository, and/or the Pangaea repository. Use of the data is unrestricted but acknowledgement of the data origin is appreciated (doi or otherwise). For data requests, more information, or comments please contact us using the email address below.

When requesting data, please add a small description of the project for which the data will be used. Note also that, when the data are used in peer-reviewed publications we ask for the opportunity to read the manuscript before submission to ensure proper acknowledgements towards our funding agency.

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