Ice and Climate: Polar in-situ observations


Morteratsch glacier, Switzerland


46°25' N, 09°25' E, ~2100 m a.s.l. (Argos id:03823)


August 1994 to still operational


The station is visited several times per year . Due to the ongoing retreat of the glacier, the AWS had to be moved several times to a higher location. Since 2016 the station is located in the upper ablation zone of the Morteratsch glacier (see map), and is part of the MortAlive project. This project investigates the possibility to slow down the retreat of the glacier by covering a part of the melt zone by snow throughout the summer (link)



Current calendar year

Wind direction [deg]

Wind speed [m/s]

Wind speed max [m/s]

Short wave in [W/m2]

Short wave ref [W/m2]

Long wave in [W/m2]

Long wave out [W/m2]

Temp. CNR1 [deg C]

Air temp. [deg C]

Rel. hum. [%]

Air pressure [hPa]

Sonic alt. [cm]

Melt wire [cm]

Snow temp. 1 [deg C]

Snow temp. 2 [deg C]

Snow temp. 3 [deg C]

Snow temp. 4 [deg C]

Snow temp. 5 [deg C]

Snow temp. 6 [deg C]

Snow temp. 7 [deg C]

Snow temp. 8 [deg C]

Snow temp. 9 [deg C]

Angle 1

Angle 2

Battery voltage [V]