Karthaus summer school 2010

Zur Goldenen Rose

Zur Goldenen Rose.


Karthaus 2010

The 10th summer school on Glaciers and Ice Sheets in the Climate System took place from 14 to 24 September 2010, in Karthaus, an idyllic mountain town in Südtirol, Italy. The 37 participants, mainly PhD-students, followed lectures about various topics in glaciology, ranging from the mathematical basis of ice flow to observational methods on land and from space. With the lectures came exercises and computer projects, on which the students worked in groups of three.

Beside work, there was also time for relaxation. The accomodation and delicious food (including 5-course dinners) were provided by Hotel Zur Goldenen Rose, run by Paul and Stefanie Grüner. Furthermore, there was ample time to play sports, listen to live music and go hiking. An excursion to the glaciers of Oetztal Alps was included in the summer school program. The summer school was organized by Hans Oerlemans, and funded by the IMAU, the Niels Bohr Institute and the Ice2Sea (FP7) programme. All this, and more, you will find on this website.


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