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Glaciers and Ice Sheets in the Climate System

The book, Glaciers and Ice Sheets in the Climate System, or 'the Karthaus book' is a textbook covering a wide range of topics related to glaciers and ice sheets and is intended to be used by students with different backgrounds. It does not represent the current state of research, but it is based on lecture notes of the Karthaus summerschool and is written by lecturers of the school. The initiative to create this book was taken in 2011 by Andrew Fowler who taught some of the core lectures during the first ten editions of the course. He coordinated the writing process and, together with Felix Ng did most of the editing. The editing was a huge task since each chapter is written by different authors / lecturers. Since the book is based on lecture notes of the course, the content is a snapshot of a typical Karhaus course, but does not necessarily cover all topics taught in an individual year, nor does an individual course cover all the topics discussed in the book. We hope that you will enjoy the book and find it useful.

Springer publishers

The book is published by Springer Publishers, and available in hardcover, softcover, as pdf and epub. Use the link 'read more' to go the the publishers website of the book.