Atmospheric Dynamics



Atmospheric Circulation and Global Change

This research project is concerned with the interaction between radiation and dynamics, taking into account also the energy transformations that occur in connection with the water cycle. The changing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration is perturbing the radiation budget of the atmosphere. This perturbs the large scale atmospheric circulation, i.e. the strength and position of the jets. The atmospheric circulation, in turn, changes the radiation budget. This interaction is studied with "process models" using the concept of potential vorticity. Changes in the pattern and intensity of heating lead to changes in potential vorticity distribution. Potential vorticity inversion is used to connect these changes to circulation changes.

(Aarnout van Delden, Yvonne Hinssen, Theo Opsteegh, Wouter de Geus, Maarten Ambaum, Chris Bell, Peter Siegmund)

The effects of soil processes on heatwave occurrence in Europe

Here a conceptual model has been constructed of the land-atmosphere system, building on earlier versions found in literature including vertical gradients of atmospheric moisture convergence, radiation effects and soil processes. With this model, driven by reanalysis data, time scale analysis of land-atmosphere interaction are being carried out.

(Helio Camargo, Bart van den Hurk, Aarnout van Delden)

Synoptic setting of thunderstorms in Europe

(Aarnout van Delden, Alwin Haklander, Pieter Groenemeijer, Jeroen van Zomeren)


(Aarnout van Delden, Sander Tijm and Bert Holtslag)