Karthaus summerschool


Practical information

Venue and housing

The course will be held in Karthaus, which is a charming old village in the Schnalstal, about 20┬ákm northwest of Merano, northern Italy. The logistic centre, where all meals will be served and where the crowd gathers in the evening, is hotel Goldene Rose, run by Paul Grüner. Some of the participants will stay in this hotel, many will be housed in good-quality pensions within a 2-minute walk. All participants should check in at Goldene Rose. Students will be asked to share double bedrooms.
Have a look at: https://www.goldenerose.it/en
Phone number of the hotel: +39 (0)473 679130

How to get there

By international train to Bolzano (this is a main station along the Munich - Innsbruck - Verona line). Change in Bolzano on a local train to Merano. In Merano take a bus (line 251). Change busses in Naturns, to line 261 to Karthaus. To plan this last part of your journey you can use this website. Those coming by plane may fly to Innsbruck, Munich or Milano, take a train to Bolzano and proceed as described above. It is also possible to fly to Verona or Bolzano, but flights are less frequent and more expensive. If you need a visa to travel to Italy remember to apply for one in time!

Lecture room / projects

The lectures will be in the Haus der Dorfgemeinschaft which is not far from the hotel (follow the crowd). There will be six Mac computers in a network with a printer. These computers are meant for project work, but can also be used by students to go on the internet, check email, etc [but project work has priority!]. The internet connection of Karthaus with the rest of the world is slow, but there is nothing we can do about that. As a consequence, keys for individual wifi use are only available for teachers. Projects will be carried out in groups of three. The organizing committee will distribute the students over the projects. Only minor modifications can occasionally be made. For project work and exercises it may be helpful to bring a pocket calculator and a formula book with basic math rules. Lecture notes will become digitally available on this website one week before start of the course and locally on the six mac computer. We recommend to bring your own laptop or tablet and download the notes before going to Karthaus, or bring a usb to copy them to your computer.

Telling who you are

We do not use badges for participants. In the beginning of the course students are asked to summarize in a 3-min presentation who they are and what their project is about. In this way we get to know each other quickly. The time limit is strict, so use no more than three illustrations (bring USB stick with pptx or pdf).

Free time

The excursion will be a trip in high mountain terrain. The hike is not difficult, but requires solid hiking/mountain boots. Good clothing (including a hat), gloves and sunglasses are essential. Mountain equipment (crampons, rope, etc) is not needed.