Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry Group (APCG)



Updated APCG group picture!

5 October 2016



Top left to bottom right: Dr Sander Houweling (SRON collaborator), Henk Snellen (Lab Technician), Dr Dipayan Paul (Post-Doc), Sudhanshu Pandey (PhD student), Seraina Holinger (PhD student), Dr. Dušan Materic (Post-Doc), Jessica Strickland (MSc student), Ing. Carina van der Veen (Lab Technician), Noelia Ferrero Lopez (MSc student), Alessia Mafodda (Guest PhD), Truman Wright (MSc student), Iris Dekker (PhD student), Marco de Bruine (PhD student), Dr. Narcisa Nechita Banda (Post-Doc), Getachew A. Adnew (PhD student), Dr. Rupert Holzinger (Associate Professor), Ing. Michel Bolder (Lab Technician), Prof. Dr. Maarten C. Krol (Associate Professor), Dr. Kangming Xu (Post-Doc), Prof. Dr. Thomas Roeckmann (Professor), Dr. Juliane Fry (Guest Researcher), Dr. Magdalena Hofmann (Post-Doc), Dr. Elena Popa (Post-Doc)


Not on the picture: Dr. Cèlia Sapart (Guest Researcher), Dorota Mrozek (PhD student), Markella Prokopiou (PhD student), Arjan van Beelen (PhD student), Supun Pathirana (PhD student), Stylianos Kritsotalakis (PhD student)