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Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry Group (APCG)

Our permanent group members are involved in the teaching program of Utrecht University, at the bachelor level and in our masters program.

Current Courses

>  Bachelor's level

>  Master's level

Bachelor's level

Climate change in Context

Course code: NS-194B
Course level: 1
Description: The focus of this course is construction of a simple climate model with elements from physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.
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Golven en optica theorie en praktijk

Course code: NS-108B
Course level: 1
Description: Part of the general physics colloquium, year 1, block 4. Covers the general fundamentals of waves with focus on electrodynamic waves and numerous wave phenomena.
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Master's level

Atmospheric composition

Course code: NS-MO405M (Compulsory)
Description: Surface emissions and chemical transformations determine the composition of the atmosphere. Consequently, they affect air quality and the earth’s energy balance.
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Current themes in climate change

Course code: NS-MO434M
Description:In this course the scientific evidence of human-caused climate change is reviewed by studying the UN-report on climate change (IPCC).
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Projects within MAIO

Full title: Making, analyzing and interpreting observations
Course code: NS-MO502M (Compulsory, research part)
Description: In this course the students gain practical experience with different types of field measurements.
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Projects within SOAC

Full title: Simulation of ocean, atmosphere and climate
Course code: NS-MO501M (Compulsory, research part)
Description: In this course the students gain practical experience with numerical models that are used in the study of the different components of the climate system.
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