Ice and Climate: Polar in-situ observations


AWS9, DML05/Kohnen


75°00' S, 00°00' E/W, ~2900 m a.s.l. (Argos id:20632)


December 1997 to still operational


The station is located at site DML05 of the AWI pre site surveys for the EPICA DML drilling. The EPICA DML drilling was carried out several km east of the station at Kohnen station. At this site a medium deep ice core was drilled in 1997 and snow pit measurements were carried out several other visits. The station was erected and almost every year visited by AWI personnel. In December 2021 AWI installed a new weather station close to the IMAU AWS. A visualisation of the data can be found on the AWI website.



Current calendar year

Wind direction [deg]

Wind speed [m/s]

Wind speed max [m/s]

Short wave in [W/m2]

Short wave ref [W/m2]

Long wave in [W/m2]

Long wave out [W/m2]

Temp. CNR1 [deg C]

Air temp. [deg C]

Rel. hum. [%]

Air pressure [hPa]

Sonic alt. [m]

Snow temp. 1 [deg C]

Snow temp. 2 [deg C]

Snow temp. 3 [deg C]

Snow temp. 4 [deg C]

Snow temp. 5 [deg C]

Snow temp. 6 [deg C]

Snow temp. 7 [deg C]

Snow temp. 8 [deg C]

Snow temp. 9 [deg C]

Snow temp. 10 [deg C]

Angle 1

Angle 2

Battery voltage [V]