Ice and Climate: Polar in-situ observations


Live data

Live Data

This page provides an overview of operational stations with links to live data. Note that data plots are intended for station monitoring purposes only. The figures are based on Argos transmitted data, are refreshed every three to four hours and cover the current year or last 7 days. Note that snow temperature is not always measured.

Arctic stations

>  Nordenskiöldbreen, Svalbard, Norway

Greenland stations

>  S5, AWS K-transect

>  S6, AWS K-transect

>  S9, AWS K-transect

>  S9, Snowfox K-transect

Antarctic stations

>  AWS18, Larsen C West

>  AWS18, Larsen C West Snowfox and GNSS

>  AWS18, Larsen C West old

>  AWS14, Larsen C North

>  AWS14, Larsen C North Snowfox and GNSS