Ice and Climate: Polar in-situ observations


AWS18, Larsen C West


66°36' S, 63°13' W, ~70 m a.s.l. (Argos id:fluxstation)


November 2022 to still operational


The station is located close to the grounding line of the Larsen C ice shelf. The station was erected and is visited when weather permits once a year by BAS personnel. In November 2022 the station was moved to the east to ensure future accessibility.



Current calendar year

Last 7 days

Wind direction [-]

Wind speed vert [m/s]

Wind speed hor [m/s]

Wind speed max hor [m/s]

Short wave in [W/m2]

Short wave refl [W/m2]

Lon wave in [-]

Long wave out [-]

Temp CNR4 [C]

Temp [C]

Temp PT1000 [C]

Rel. hum. [%]

Air pressure [hPa]

Snow Height [m]

Latitude [deg]

Longitude [deg]

Battery [V]

Paneltemp [C]

Power use [Ah]

Logger1 Diagnostics

Logger2 Diagnostics

CSAT-X [m/s]

CSAT-Y [m/s]

CSAT-Z [m/s]


EC150-H2O [-]

Krypton [g/m^3]

TC1 [C]

TC2 [C]

TC-CJ [deg]

Cov1 [-]

Cov2 [-]

Cov3 [-]

Cov4 [-]

Cov5 [-]

Cov6 [-]

Cov7 [-]

Tilt 1x [deg]

Tilt 1y [deg]

Tilt 2x [deg]

Tilt 2y [deg]

LWC1 rssi [#]

LWC1 Chan [-]

LWC1-T [C]

LWC2 rssi [#]

LWC2 Chan [-]

LWC2-T [C]

LWC3 rssi [#]

LWC3 Chan [-]

LWC3-T [C]

LWC4 rssi [#]

LWC4 Chan [-]

LWC4-T [C]

LWC5 rssi [#]

LWC5 Chan [-]

LWC5-T [C]

LWC6 rssi [#]

LWC6 Chan [-]

LWC6-T [C]