Karthaus summer school

Creative outbursts

The Karthaus summerschool had two musical evenings. The lyrics of Andrew's songs as well as the photo of Hans and Jakobs tango performance are available now.
Also, we would like the knödel to conquer the world. A recipe can be found here.

Zur Goldenen Rose

The Karthaus summer school was accommodated in the excellent hotel Zur Goldenen Rose.

Sportive endeavours

Many students spend their free time in an overly active way. Read about the rules of the gentleman frisbee game and a detailed report of the traditional football match.

Media attention

Karthaus summer school made it to several papers. Download the newspaper articles of 'Dolomiten', 'Die neue Südtiroler Tageszeitung' and 'Der Vinschger' (all in German).

Glaciers and Ice Sheets in the Climate System

On Tuesday the 11th of September 2007 the seventh edition of the Karthaus summer school - Glaciers and Ice Sheets in the Climate System started. The summer school formed an intensive training in ice and climate research during almost two weeks. A typical Karthaus summer school day began at half past eight in the morning with lectures until lunchtime. The afternoon was used for exercises and the computer projects. While the exercises further explored the subjects of the morning lectures, the computer projects lasted the whole period; on the last day the students presented their (sometimes very entertaining) results.
It all took place in Karthaus, a small and characteristic village in the beautiful Schnals valley in Südtirol, northern Italy. Lectures were given in the Dorfgemeinschaft (Village Community) building; all 36 PhD students and 12 staff members were accommodated in and around Hotel Goldenen Rose. This hotel was the daily scene of the splendid breakfast, lunch and diner festivities and even served as a music hall twice.
The seventh edition of the Karthaus summerschool was organised, as the editions before, by Hans Oerlemans of IMAU, Utrecht University.

Latest updates

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