The workshop will be held on 17-19 September 2014. It will consist of three days of plenary sessions. There will be a welcome reception on September 17 and the conference dinner will be on September 18.

Technical Programme

Wednesday, September 17

08:30-09:00 Registration

09:00-10:15 Opening and Session 1: Causal Discovery
Chair: Stijn Meganck
  • Elena Sokolova, Perry Groot, Tom Claassen and Tom Heskes: Causal discovery from databases with discrete and continuous variables
  • Sofia Triantafillou, Ioannis Tsamardinos and Anna Roumpelaki: Learning neighborhoods of high confidence in constraint-based causal discovery
  • Martijn de Jongh and Marek Druzdzel: Evaluation of Rules for Coping with Insufficient Data in Constraint-based Search Algorithms
10:15-10:45 Coffee break

10:45-12:25 Session 2: Multi-label Classification
Chair: Helge Langseth
  • Giorgio Corani, Alessandro Antonucci, Denis Mauá and Sandra Gabaglio: Trading off speed and accuracy in multilabel classification
  • Gherardo Varando, Concha Bielza and Pedro Larrañaga: Expressive Power of Binary Relevance and Chain Classifiers Based on Bayesian Networks for Multi-Label Classification
  • Jacinto Arias, José A. Gámez, Thomas D. Nielsen and José M. Puerta: A pairwise class interaction framework for multilabel classification
  • Mallinali Ramírez-Corona, Luis Enrique Sucar and Eduardo Morales: Multi-label Classification for Tree and Directed Acyclic Graphs Hierachies
12:25-14:15 Lunch

14:15-15:55 Session 3: Inference
Chair: Thomas D. Nielsen
  • Cory Butz, Jhonatan de S. Oliveira and Anders Madsen: Bayesian Network Inference Using Marginal Trees
  • Andrés Cano Utrera, Manuel Gómez-Olmedo, Serafín Moral Callejón and Cora B. Pérez-Ariza: Extended Probability Trees for Probabilistic Graphical Models
  • Cedric De Boom, Jasper De Bock, Arthur Van Camp and Gert De Cooman: Robustifying the Viterbi algorithm
  • Jirka Vomlel and Petr Tichavský: An approximate tensor-based inference method applied to the game of Minesweeper
15:55-16:30 Refreshments break

16:30-17:45 Session 4: Knowledge-based Learning
Chair: Ann E. Nicholson
  • Jidapa Kraisangka and Marek Druzdzel: Discrete Bayesian Network Interpretation of the Cox's Proportional Hazards Model
  • Yun Zhou, Norman Fenton and Martin Neil: An Extended MPL-C Model for Bayesian Network Parameter Learning with Exterior Constraints
  • Marcus Bendtsen and Jose M. Peña: Learning Gated Bayesian Networks for Algorithmic Trading

17:45-18:30 Guided tour to Domplein

18:30-20:00 Welcome reception in the Dom church courtyard

Thursday, September 18

08:30-09:00 Coffee

09:00-10:15 Invited talk by Robert Cowell: Analysis of DNA Mixtures using Bayesian networks

10:15-10:45 Coffee break

10:45-12:25 Session 5: Foundations
Chair: Jirka Vomlel

  • Ali Ben Mrad, Véronique Delcroix, Sylvain Piechowiak and Philip Leicester: From information to evidence in a Bayesian network
  • Johan Kwisthout: Minimizing relative entropy in Hierarchical Predictive Coding
  • Denis Mauá: Equivalences Between Maximum A Posteriori Inference in Bayesian Networks and Maximum Expected Utility Computation in Influence Diagrams
  • Johan Kwisthout: Treewidth and the Computational Complexity of MAP Approximations
12:25-14:15 Lunch

14:15-15:55 Session 6: Structure Learning
Chair: Antonio Salmerón
  • Mauro Scanagatta, Cassio de Campos and Marco Zaffalon: Min-BDeu and Max-BDeu Scores for Learning Bayesian Networks
  • Aritz Pérez, Christian Blum and Jose A. Lozano: Learning maximum weighted (k+1)-order decomposable graphs by Integer Linear Programming
  • José M. Peña: Learning Marginal AMP Chain Graphs under Faithfulness
  • Joe Suzuki: Learning Bayesian network structures when discrete and continous variables are present
15:55-16:30 Refreshments break

16:30-17:20 Session 7: Influence Diagrams
Chair: Silja Renooij
  • Rafael Cabañas, Andrés Cano, Manuel Gómez-Olmedo and Anders Madsen: On SPI-Lazy Evaluation of Influence Diagrams
  • Denis Mauá and Fabio Cozman: Speeding Up k-Neighborhood Local Search in Limited Memory Influence Diagrams

17:30-18:00 Bussiness meeting

18:30-23:00: Conference dinner at Paushuize

Friday, September 19

08:30-09:00 Coffee

09:00-10:15 Session 8: Analysis
Chair: Marek J. Druzdzel
  • Gabor Hullam and Peter Antal: Towards a Bayesian decision theoretic analysis of contextual effect modifiers
  • David Albrecht, Ann Nicholson and Chris Whittle: Structural Sensitivity for the Knowledge Engineering of Bayesian Networks
  • Janneke Bolt and Silja Renooij: Local Sensitivity of Bayesian Networks to Multiple Simultaneous Parameter Shifts
10:15-10:45 Coffee break

10:45-12:25 Session 9: Parameter Models
Chair: Peter Lucas
  • Krzysztof Nowak and Marek Druzdzel: Learning Parameters in Canonical Models using Weighted Least Squares
  • Maarten van der Heijden and Arjen Hommersom: Causal Independence Models for Continuous Time Bayesian Networks
  • Wannes Meert and Joost Vennekens: Inhibited effects in CP-logic
  • Barry Cobb: Mixture of Polynomials Probability Distributions for Grouped Sample Data
12:25-14:15 Lunch

14:15-15:55 Session 10: Representation
Chair: José M. Peña
  • Nevin L. Zhang, Xiaofei Wang and Peixian Chen: A Study of Recently Discovered Equalities about Latent Tree Models using Inverse Edges
  • Anders Madsen, Frank Jensen, Martin Karlsen and Nicolaj Søndberg-Jeppesen: Bayesian Networks with Function Nodes
  • Yang Xiang and Qing Liu: Compression of Bayesian Networks with NIN-AND Tree Modeling
  • Dag Sonntag: On Expressiveness of the AMP Chain Graph Interpretation
15:55-16:30 Refreshments break

16:30-17:45 Session 11: Classifier Learning
Chair: Alessandro Antonucci
  • Anders Madsen, Frank Jensen, Antonio Salmerón, Martin Karlsen, Helge Langseth and Thomas Nielsen: A New Method for Vertical Parallelisation of TAN Learning Based on Balanced Incomplete Block Designs
  • Cassio De Campos, Marco Cuccu, Giorgio Corani and Marco Zaffalon: Extended Tree Augmented Naive Classifier
  • Antonio Fernández, Rafael Rumí, José Del Sagrado and Antonio Salmerón: Supervised Classification Using Hybrid Probabilistic Decision Graphs