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Ice and Climate: Karthaus summerschool

Summerschool on Ice Sheets and Glaciers in the Climate System

The course provides a basic introduction to the dynamics of glaciers and ice sheets with a focus on ice-climate interactions. Topics include: continuum mechanics, sliding and hydraulics, numerical modelling, polar meteorology, ice-ocean interaction, ice cores, interaction of ice sheets with the solid earth, etc. The course is meant for Ph.D. students that work on a glaciology-related climate project. Some places are available for junior scientists.


We are very grateful to all people, institutes and organizations who provided (financial) support through the years.

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Upcoming course

The next Karthaus course will be held from xx to xx September 2021 in Karthaus (northern Italy).

With great regret we inform you that the Karthaus course planned for September 2020 had to be cancelled. We have discussed the situation with the teaching staff, and all agreed that there is no way around it. There are too many uncertainties concerning the development of the covid-19 crisis, especially with regard to international travel.

We sincerely hope that the next Karthaus course will be in September 2021, in a world that is in a better shape and in which we can move more freely again !

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Since the first course in 1995, more than 500 students have participated in the Karthaus courses. On this page links to each individual course can be found.