Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry Group (APCG)


Past Projects

Modeling aerosol-cloud interaction

Arjen Boosman

Studying the effect of UV radiation on carbon in meteorites

Seraina Holinger

CO2 + O3 isotope exchange via O(1D) and stratospheric CO2

Dorota Mrozek

Clumped isotopes in CO2 (18O13C16O) as a new tracer for the global carbon cycle and stratospheric chemistry

Magdalena Hofmann

Isotope effects in ozone formation and destruction reactions

Marion Früchtl

Study of the hydrological cycle using new satellite-borne isotope measurements

Samuel Jonson Sutanto

The impact of Pinatubo on tropospheric chemistry and climate

Narcisa Banda

The impact of pollution on biosphere-atmosphere interactions

Joseph Timkovsky

The budgets of methane and nitrous oxide in the pre-industrial period using air trapped in polar ice cores

Celia Sapart

(Inverse) Modeling of CH4 using isotopes

Guillaume Monteil

Bottom-up modeling of tropical wetland CH4 emissions

Bruno Ringeval

Investigation of the global hydrogen cycle with isotope measurements

Anneke Batenburg

Quantification of CO emission from large point sources using satellite measurements

Iris Dekker

Aerosol and cloud feedback in the Polar regions

Dusan Materic

What fuels banana-type particle growth events?

Using satellite data of CO and CO2 to study the atmospheric carbon budget during draught events

Inverse modeling of the global sources of methane using satellite instruments

Measuring methane and nitrous oxide from ice cores

Mass Independent Fractionation in Atmospheric Carbon Monoxide and the Reaction CO + OH

Apportionment of observed aerosol optical thickness to aerosol dry matter and water

Modeling sea spray aerosol